Alpha Dog Training
This is me too!  When our pups leave us (complete with an extensive Puppy Pack, 5 weeks free insurance, food, and a blanket that smells of mum), you can be sure that I’ve done everything humanly possible to give them the best start in life and to make nice confident, outgoing family pets.

This is the vet we use, we can’t rate them highly enough.  They really take the time to get to know each of our animals individually (and, trust me, we have a lot - at the moment it’s 3 cats, 7 dogs, a rabbit, a bearded dragon and a crested gecko).

Breeders of top quality British Shorthaired cats.  Our wee Basil (Templegates Blyth) is a Golden Tipped, and he’s the sweetest, gentlest boy.  He lives happily with Chilli the Ragdoll and Karma the Bengal, and he’s often found being “big spoon” to Karma’s “little spoon” when they’re cuddled up in their cosy bed, it’s so cute!  Chilli the Ragdoll is quite fluffy so she gets too hot for cuddles.

Linvid Pet Hotel
This is where our little gang of pets go for their holidays.  They all absolutely love it, although with our current family of dogs, cats and rabbits it takes us 2 car trips to get them all up there!  I know they’re in safe hands, and they’re always healthy, happy & exhausted when we get them home.  Owners Harry and Ann are absolutely lovely, really genuine animal people.

The Kennel Club
A very useful site, giving lots of information on dog breeds, health schemes, finding a training class etc etc.