Welcome to the website for Bonnieblyth, PAST breeders of gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel puppies, and – hopefully in 2018 – amazing fluffball Chow Chows!  Crunchie  

We are based in Fife, Scotland, and our litters are home-bred, well socialised and very much loved.    I’ll leave the spaniels’ pages open but we won’t be having any more litters from them. 

Sophie and Fergus are the Chow Chows, who will hopefully have some beautiful puppies in 2018.  The photo on this page is of Crunchie, who is the great-granny of my little spaniel gang.  She is the first dog I’ve ever bred from, so she was the start of my breeding line.  She’s a brilliant wee dog, and it means that we have 4 generations of these, which is lovely as they adore each other. 

Enjoy the photos, and please contact us with any questions or to go on a waiting list for a Chow Chow puppy.  You can either call us on (01383) 881949 or email at enquiries@bonnieblyth.co.uk